Monday, September 5, 2011

Climbing the butt

We climbed up "Menan's Butt" today, or as Stepheni insists "Menan Butte", pronounced "Beaute", as in "She's a BEAUTE", (R.I.P. Steve Irwin).  Whatever.  It was a nice hike though, great for the kids, or the non-existent ones that we have now.  The view was amazing even if the scenery was kind of monotone, the desert y'know. 

Stepheni was enthralled with these little lizards that we kept seeing there.  Couldn't get enough of them:  "Oh they're so cute!", "Oh look at how fast they are!", "Eek, there's another one, so adorable!", "Take a picture quick!", by about the 30th time I'd heard this, I'd had enough.  So I stomped one flat in a jealous rage when she wasn't looking.  Here's a picture of one of the little devils before he became part of the landscape...

There were some neat rock formations though, these things were pretty big, and were apparently formed like 50 years ago, because we know that the earth is like 6000 years old (@christian_fundamentalist_x).  The sign made by some science worshipping lunatic put it at 10000 years ago and they said that gas bubbles made all the holes.  I pretty much debunked that pointing out the obvious similarities between it and swiss cheese.  Definitely made by the Propionibacterium bacteria.  See?

There was also some neat foliage too.  My wife was looking pretty good in there~

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