Saturday, August 27, 2011

Despite My Stabbing Her - She Still Loved Me.

We went to the ward campout last night, on purpose too, and even enjoyed it!  During these campouts you do crazy things like look st the stars, no our necks didn't get stuck like that;  we ate dutch oven chicken and potatoes, delicious and the dutch even forgave us for making ovens out of them; and slept out under the stars, most of them stayed put so we were safe.  Bro. McDonald prepared a short fireside talk about the eternities and about our understanding as members of the church about the heavens and the stars and how infinite our inheritances that await us are.  It was a wonderful time and it moved me to think about our heavenly father and how much he has promised everyone who follows His Son.  We took lots of pictures too, many of newlyweds or newlyparents, who ended up not camping out all night.  But they were good sports for coming to the show. 

So it was pretty cold out last night, until about 4am and we decided we'd had enough of it and went and got all the extra clothes and layers and blankets we had in the car and put them on too.  It was fun for Stepheni and I to keep each other warm though. 

This morning we got up to the most disturbing rooster crow I've ever heard.  Realistic enough to sound like there was a rooster outside, unrealistic enough to make me fear for whatever rooster that was making that noise within hearing distance.  It turned out ti be our high councilman Bro. McDonald waking us up.  They had breakfast burritos, again delicious and we were off to go get s fishing license and some fishing gear in the next town over.  We went fishing most of the day, without much luck.  I did catch three sticks though and managed to stab Stepheni,  but she still loves me!  It was a good day. 

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