Monday, July 2, 2012

An update on their health

Hey everyone, thanks for having an interest in our family and our well-being.  Stepheni is up and feeding Ephraim right now, and I am torturing him with a baby wipe to keep him conscious and feeding.  Little stinker goes right to sleep when Stepheni is trying nurse him.

Dr. Haun came in this morning and gave us the skinny on Stepheni and Ephraim's conditions.  Ephraim is officially cleared to go home, he has been dirtying enough diapers to show that he is healthy and metabolizing the food.  As for Stepheni they are taking her off the antibiotics today to see how she does.  Last night she had a fever, from how long her water had been broken when she was delivered is what Dr. Haun said.  So, if all goes well today then we will be going home tomorrow morning!

Last night was my first encounter with a screaming, inconsolable baby and Stepheni was fantastically patient the whole time.  I on the other hand was still dealing with the same headache that I had been enjoying for the last day, and was not nearly as patient.  Something about a screaming child in your arms with whom you have no ability to reason with that makes me all grumpy.  Stepheni calmed him down by nursing him, but it took some time.

First night of many, right?  Whee!

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  1. For now - Just Deal with one day at a time. These are rare times for us. Try to think what Heavenly Father has every moment of enery hour of every ..... get the picture.
    Love You and Stepheni and Ephraim Very much, Dad