Monday, May 21, 2012

With Friends Like These

"I value the friend 
who for me 
finds time on his calendar, 
but I cherish the friend 
who for me 
does not consult his calendar."  
-Robert Brault

Stepheni was in a bind tonight, and I wasn't there:  She had spent a few hours cleaning already and was quickly wearing out.  Turns out that being nearly 8 months pregnant does something to your endurance.  She had sent out an email earlier that week, asking for help, but she hadn't heard from more than one couple who weren't going to be able to make it until later that night and there was more than just an hour's worth of work, even for a few people.  She was upset and stressed out, and I felt helpless to do anything from Texas.  I couldn't think of who to call, having already bothered my friends about it several times previous to this about the same thing.  Try as I might I couldn't think of anyone, so I made a sheepish post on Facebook asking for help, but no one bit.  So I called up Gordon, and quickly he agreed to get Mike and John to go along with him to go and help.  They are there now, and I am so grateful for friends like these that go at a moments notice to help where they can.  Not to speak any less of others that are going over a little bit later, my gratitude goes out to everyone that is helping out my sweetheart right now to leave Rexburg.  So far as any of them know, we won't see each other again, but I think that we are all banking on the hope and trust that we will.

So, thanks guys.  I wanted to buy you something, but it seems to cheapen the gratitude I feel for your service and love.  So all I can say is thank you, and say that I will find something to do for you sooner or later.

So to those that went to help Stepheni at any time since I've been gone, thank you.  We've received so much love and support from so many in the ward and many have gone way beyond any reasonable expectations.  You're our dear friends and I hope that we can be of service at some time, despite the distance between us all.

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  1. I got your leftover Nutella, who could ask for more???