Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Being away from home

Being away from Stepheni for days at a time, is one of my least favorite things; I think it's even more keenly felt by her.  It's lonely for starters, and awkward when I reach out and take a perfect stranger's hand forgetting she's not right there.  For anyone else out there, we do some things to make the time apart more bearable.  

1.  We text.  A lot.  If it's busy, this isn't possible, but if it isn't then we are chatting it up some.  Keeping involved with each other at a distance is more possible each day:  texting, phone calls, FaceTime-type things, etc.  Speaking of which:

2.  Video Chat!  This is kind of fun, I remember before we were married and while I was at home loading up Skype and just leaving it on as we went to bed.  It was kind of nice to look over and see her and it made for some chaste pillow-talk while we were still engaged.  ;-)

3.  Read scriptures and nightly prayers over the phone.  Actually I've gotten some comments about this, but all of them positive.  We try to make it a point to read scriptures together and pray as often as we can when we are together, and continuing this as we are apart reinforces that.  

4.  Find something to bring home.  One time it was a rock I found while on a field trip to Yellowstone (I picked it up outside of the park).  Last time it was chocolate from Trader Joe's (Yum!).  Next time, who knows?  

5.  Take pictures just for them.  Sometimes I take a picture thinking about Stepheni and send it to her via MMS texting, or email.  It's easy and quick and a way to share a sunset, a pretty scene or a flower together.  

Seattle, with my friend Justin at a Sushi place.
I will be leaving tomorrow to go to my interview for USAA in San Antonio, and I will be doing exactly these things while I am gone.  The bottom line is to keep in contact while you are apart!  Good luck!  

Any other advice from the readership would be appreciated!

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