Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Wii and Me

Actually it's more like "The Wii and Us", but that doesn't really rhyme. Stepheni and I have been trying to get healthier and so we have been on a rigorous regimen of Wii Fit. For those not in the know, Wii Fit is a game that you play on the Nintendo Wii console with a plastic board you stand on, aptly named the "Wii Balance Board".  It will lead you through yoga, some basic strength training exercises (push-ups, sit ups, etc), all with incredibly repetitive and directions from your own personal wii fit trainer.

As it is we have been enjoying ourselves:  it provides good together time, some relatively easy exercises, and good monitoring of our goals so that we can see how we are progressing (or not).

Mario Kart Wii is also a family favorite.  Zak (Stepheni's brother), Stepheni, and I all play together.  We have gotten pretty good at it over the last few months.  I just found out that each of my siblings have Wii's with this game, and there is an option to play over the internet together, so that will be next!

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  1. Our Wii is having issues, sorry we haven't been able to play along.