Sunday, April 3, 2011

Saying thanks

So I'm not very good at saying thanks.  I mean when someone opens the door for me, sure, "thank you", and a quick nod.  When Ashley Iwertz tutors me in probability, "thanks for the help." But when it comes to really showing thanks I'd have to say it amounts to a sincere head-bob and a smile for me. 

Its just on my mind because Stepheni is finishing up a four hour thank you card Marathon, with three carefully designed thank you cards for her teachers and principal from the school she student taught at.  They really do look good, and I know she expresses her gratitude sincerely when she does that type of thing.  I'm on the receiving end quite often myself.

That being said, being grateful is very important.  Not just for the favors someone does for us, and not just for the blessings we receive either, but all things that will be for our good.  Which, if we believe in Christ, will be everything that happens to us.  This is hard and immensely difficult sometimes.  Who loves or is grateful for a cold, or constipation?  Or a little sister that wont leave us alone so I can get back to my game.  Or even tragedies of any kind.  I don't have it figured out yet, but I hear that as we seek to be more like Christ and follow him, one day we will see that all things were part of the lord's plan for our eternal destiny and happiness by his side. 

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